Closed Circuit TV

Video loop

An other conspicuous flavour of London is the enormous monitoring. „Closed-Circuit” in this case (CCTV) refers to operational technicality; Although I focused on capturing  what the monitors on buses on my route (a closed circuit) show.  I was aslo exciting by the „self edited” structure of the video which I appropriated.

Exhibited it in a TV shop (Sanjeev's TV Shop group exhibiton, S & S Electronics 37 Camberwell Church Street London SE5 8TR, 16th-20th March 2011.) ; The new point of view generated a harsh discussion about privacy, originality, authority, and property.

A typical Londoner makes an estimated 300 closed-circuit television (CCTV) appearances a day, an average easily met in the short walk between Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament.

Thanks for the photos to Remty Elenga and Rajee Sukumaran and Tilly Metcalfe for organizing.