"Nagytotál" (XLS)_oil on alu_150x200_2012

Guardia Costiera_oil, xerox-nitro on alu_77x103cm_2012

25°_oil, acrylic spray on canvas_139x139cm_2012



pompeii go round_oil, etched alu- demolished_103x150cm_2012

pompeii dog_20X25_etched oil-alu_2012

Von Teese Bis Mark_oil, xerox-nitro on alu_150x200cm_2012

(szilágyi misi camo mintájával)

seal kalman_o.v._40x30_2011

zsebbuddha_8x6_akril karton_2011


combos kép_o.v._70x84_2011

维多利亚 & 阿尔伯特_70x100_olaj-alu_2011

british case_70x100_oil alu_2011

bishop cliche cca.150 x 103 cm etched aluminium, acrylic spray, oil; 2010

The aluminium sheets I am working with are primarily being used in offset litho printing studios. This piece refers to the original function of these plates as engravings, and investigates the word „cliche’” with it’s many meanings. The take-off was that some of the plates were covered by leftovers of paint when I got them from the printers- some more or less recognizable stains of an illustration or text. These fragments lost their original meaning , they appear as aesthetic components. I used them in new context, regarding to attributes of a bishop entity, refering to a classic cliche in art history.

Parts of the figure is etched, using a graphic technique to create the original cliche as a painting.

vérszem_103x150:oil on alu_2010

golden_22x25_oil on alu_2010

narcissistic honey bear_30x40_oil on linen_2010

honey bear_cca. 22x25cm oil on alu_2010

untitled (big bald)_154x203cm_oil on alu_2010

In this case I used the smooth reflecting surface to open the space, perspective for the viewer and also for the guy on the painting. Richter’s Betty looks back to a dark monochrome surface as a hommage to abstraction, I read my piece also regarding to Caspar David Friedrich as opening back to a sublime distorted reality under pressure of today’s political situation. As you are standing in front of the painting, you realize, that the space of yours and the bald man’s vision is similar; to annul the comfortable safe aesthetical distance between.

16x10_oil on metal_2009

black gloves_103x78_oil on alu_2010

latex_103x78_oil on alu_2010

sis'_103x78_oil on alu_2010

red ears_103x78_oil on alu_2010

salad-days_84x70_oil on rubber

double-chin-back (detail)_103x78_oil on alu_2010

red gloves_19x15_oil on alu_2010

slippery theme_15,5x20_oil on alu_2010

nylons_103x78_oil on alu_2010

red_103x78_oil on alu_2010

mass_130x103_oil on alu_2010

"still life with peeled lemon"_53x46_oil on alu_2010

"in my opinion" series_d=20_oil on canvas_2010

"in my opinion" series_d=20_oil on canvas_2010

alu_40x50_oil on linen_2010

studio at night_53x78cm_oil on alu_2010

studio at night II_53x78cm_oil on alu_2010