temporarily inside

Video installation (projection on 1,5x2m aluminium plate; 3 electric fans; fishing line)
Original duration of the video loop:  25:24
Installation: Chelsea College of Art and Design; Project Space A120; 23rd-24th March 2011

During my exchange studies at Chelsea College of Art in London I had the opportunity to experiment with different technics beside painting. One of the main result was a video instalation about a phenomena in –and above- London. A temporary, fragile state of a foreigner is always pulsing in the air in form of one of the most serious noise-polutions. The title refers to this international social situation and also to the fact that the unboundless phenomena in this case was closed in a room.

The loop of two overlapping footages about the aircraft without plot was projected onto moving aluminium sheets, evoking great noise and strong reflection; with electic fans (by the way they played the main role of moving the sheet) the effect was an ambivalent state between meditation and unease.

The project was represeted -in bigger size, with a better technical support- in Löffler Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia, within the confines of Biela Noc/ Nuit Blanche 2011.
Photos down below

Thanks to Park Communication Ltd. for support, and Tamás Fehérváry for help!